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the sign; text and photo Katarzyna Kowalewska


this injection in glaze. or the broken rest in the units
of light. It comes and cuts the stream of repetitions. cawing.
I go out of the frame by the bigger pain, spoiling the background,
this fictionalized. the meter is about the coming out, in déjà vu,

in bloodstained miles, through these plots - taken with the power
of weightlessness. don’t ask whether the body bears the stigmas
of recyclable materials. in the damaged cover on industrial line-
from the serum of my name – leaks, growing and glowing

within the interpretation of the choir - unwanted, denied to flaw or flash
the primeval, the gruesome truth? I’m late in clotting, sink in a rag. eager,
devout and keen in duty you are carefully removing the fingerprints
non promising? my nails and hair in utilization, the whole movement

in declination - in a shredder my lost application for restoration:
all setup in decay? lubricated with vaseline, quinine. the bruised
body is replaced with the colony of cyanosis. the fallow is wooded
by the self-judgmental felling. through the self- extermination
I insist in pressure on lips - starved from singing, and dominates

motto cursed, as a botulism, a weapon, a cosmetic. the process
of reconstruction it is continued. the last vibrations are smoothed,
are muted from the better rest. by the bullion of the light years
you won’t revive me, you won’t raise me - in the smoky glow

melted into lead I try to catch a hint of contrast. I lean. I bend
under angle of confessions, discolorations. as if, deep in the ground
this rasp of tools and cans, this rustling of the foil – the audience

is out and leaving –
the sign that something inside begins.

wtorek, 29 marca 2016, jatantra
2016/03/29 14:42:31

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